Sunday, July 22, 2012


So, I'm going to quietly ignore the fact that I stopped any kind of writing method for the past two months and just try to push on.  Can't promise anything on this stop-start-stop-stop-stop writing 'style' of mine, but we'll see.

Some 'cosmetic' edits done today.  Just new ways of describing the world and the objects in it.  Big one was Zook's bow.  It now folds!  I just envision some bad-ass scenes later on to have him flow from bow in hand-unfold-draw-fire.  That and it just looked silly to have the big think bouncing around under his cloak.  Did away with Pird's grapplechain's modular design (Double possessive nouns, nounception!), now it just has a grappling hook and no 'attachments'.  The result of the early writing stages where I insisted on giving myself more stuff to work with than I needed.  Played with the idea of changing the way Eris' hammer looks.  Right now it's described as ending in a split sphere; a double sided hammer.  Now I'm seeing it as inspired from one of the golem's arms, a slight curve and ending in a single, slightly tilted sphere.

Plot impact?  None. I'm just picky about envisioning things.  Now if I could only draw as well as I think I can write.

Only other sentence that stood out from the editing gunk was adding onto Zook's "Whatever this is, it was worth our home" to, "Whatever this is, something seems to think it was worth our home."  Makes more sense, and reinforces that Zook believes in outside forces.

And away we go.