Saturday, August 11, 2012

To rewrite? Or not to rewrite? That's the damn question.

I hate this.

I told myself.  Over and over again.  That I would NOT rewrite The Towers of Adrala.

And I'm not!


Just one....teeny...little....chapter.

I haven't been blogging, or writing, or editing, because I hit a bit of a strange spot.

I don't like my old book; parts of it anyway.  I accidentally reread much of the rough draft of my second book recently...and I'm intimidated.  I've been out of the creation of new story for so long I'm looking at these latest chapters and honestly thinking to myself "I wrote these? How"  My past me is intimidating my current me.  So I look at my older writing and become confused at the discrepancy in narrative quality.

A lot has happened between finishing the first book and starting the second.  I'm definitely a different person for it...but I didn't ever realize until know that applied to my writing as well.

But now I'm rambling.  I'm now in one of the earlier chapters, "Mirrorscape"  where the four see the City of Mirrors beneath Saranoda.  I detest the whole chapter.  It just feels out of place, forced.  So I think I may attempt to rewrite the chapter and capture more of the story's purpose. 

I'm going to flood the whole city.

In Sye's vision, he sees the city destroyed.  I originally have the Oracle stating that she rebuilt it, but it just doesnt seem right.  So we're going to now explore a flaw in the great tower, a city broken and underwater.  The four are going to walk through it (Through some water bubble tunnel thing...I'll figure it out) and see the ancient destruction and see that the breaking of their home has happened to another people's home long before.

So yeah, a rewrite.  We'll see how it goes.