Friday, November 16, 2012

Pen, why can't I quit you?

Twelve new pages.  Apparently all I had to do to get writing again was to break out the original loose-leaf paper and ink I started this whole loopy adventure with.  And, incredulously enough, when one turns off their computer and keeps their paws off their smartphone they can be productive.

But damn, my handwriting is awful.

So I'm currently recreating the chapters concerning the city of mirrors and Sye's vision.  It's incredible, imaginative stuff.  I think so anyway.  Till I hate it a year or so from now. And NOT rewrite it.

Trying to make it more of a habit to inject more of the character into every paragraph.  Have them describe what they're seeing and what they're feeling.  My writing is dialogue-driven anyway, so might as well add more inner-dialogue.  What's difficult, as it always has been, is to give Sye and Eris a distinctive voice.  As the two most commonly used viewpoints, its rather important.  Easy enough to distinguish Zook and Pird, their characters practically write themselves.

"I'm a freaking goofball," says Pird.
"Piss off," says Zook.

In so many words.

In other news, I'm thinking about changing the "End of Chapter X" to full chapter end portraits.  Most books have art at the beginning of their chapters that hint at what's upcoming.  I'd rather have art at the end so the reader forms their own image before seeing the way I or the artist sees it.  I'd like to include anybody who'd be interested in creating in such pieces, throw me a message for more details :)