Saturday, August 31, 2013

We've got a pulse! (A bit about internal dialogue)

So that was a long, er...weekend.  Since my last post.  I've been...busy.

Shut up -.-

Anyhow, I have been writing!  Book One Part Two.  Been slow going but somewhat steady.  They can only keep punching you if you keep getting back up...wait....

So, internal dialogue.  Or 'thinking' in layman's terms.  Pretty much the principal point in this whole massive revising of a decade long project.  The weakest parts of my writing were that my main characters were kind of colorless and that I had a bad habit of 'telling' emotions and thought instead of 'showing'.

It's actually a problem I've long thought about and how to address it.  Turns out, it's quite easy.

See, you solve it by 'thinking'.

Quite literally.  Every moment that I find myself saying 'X character felt terrible' or 'Y character was unsure about the prospect of a Taco Bell run' (Y actually happens at a point before X) I simply highlight.

And press'delete'.

And 'think it out' instead.  I'm rather proud of my dialogue, I feel that it's the strongest pillar in the creaky scaffold that's holding up my ability to call myself a writer.  (Sorry for running away with that metaphor).  So I put that to work in replacing stale, colorless descriptions and characters and instead let my characters tell the story from their perspective.  Now they tell you that they're furious.  That they're hurt.  That they're desperate. And finally, when they're content.

And for characterization?  Well it's all the difference between Zook remarking to himself that Great, it's cold.  Looking forward to the hypothermia and Pird giddily thinking,  Leaves!  Leaves!  Wait, I can summon a gust right as Zook walks past that pile and...oh, this is going to be fun.

Go away summer.  I hate your bugs.  And your wasps.

Fuck wasps.

Only drawback is that it definitively thickens the pages.  I've always been told that when you edit/revise you should be reducing the overall word-count.

I'm pretty sure that I'm revising wrong -.-.