Friday, September 6, 2013

BAM! Blog post! (Oh and the faults of re-writing)

Hey you!  Look over there!  Yeah, just watch that interesting thing over there while I quickly crank one of these out.

So, editing.  New chapter.  Discovered once again the downside of deleting and rewriting certain chapters. One forgets to replace critical dialogue points that are related to later in the book.  So Sye and Jakmin suddenly break into a conversation about how Sye could always change his mind about going to go see Flaar and-

I'm just think, huh?  Have they discussed this before?

Not since the chapter I deleted I hadn't.

Can't find a spot to reintroduce that bit of dialogue, so I'm smoothing it over by implying that Jakmin knew all along.  He just reminds Sye of his options.  Bam, band-aid until I figure something out a bit more stable.

That's the lesson for today folks.  Read what you're deleting.

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