Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shaky Foundations

I'm not unfamiliar with heavily revising existing work; actually, it's kind of my forte'.  It's a special kind of fun to break down an existing chapter and build it up to something better and new.  But when the foundations are just shaky enough to warrant a large amount of reshaping, yet have have enough structure to weigh against an entire re-write, it can be...trying.

But it's done, just have to give this chapter another few look-overs and nit-pick.

What'd I do?  I had to rework an interaction between Jakmin and Sye that was referring back to a scene I cut out, which involved me getting creative and finding a better way to characterize the two.   Involved a lot of my "think, don't tell" show method.   Having a character persistently narrate their opinion and perspective fleshes them out quite well.

The more somebody talks, the more you get to know them.

I wonder how common of a process this is, to gut large portions and rewrite others of an old, lengthy work.   I just can't wait to see how it shapes up so I can get back to book II

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