Sunday, September 8, 2013

Write All Day, Every Day (Mostly the the Former)

Every story was written one word at a time.

There, we got the prosy stuff outta the way.  You've read this post before.  On a thousand blogs, in a thousand books, in a thousand tweets and facebook posts.  Why are you reading this one?

Because you still aren't doin' it.

And I shouldn't be throwing rocks; my book has been worked on, abandoned, rewritten, abandoned again.  Over the course of a decade.  What's changed?  I decided that this is what I want.  That my life should revolve around my writing so one day I can quit my nine-to-five and do this full time.  I want to work on my terms.  It's truly what I want.  Unless I actually take it seriously it'll stay a distant and gilded ideal instead of a reality to wake up to.

Don't kid yourself, it's work.  You have to put in hours and show up to work just like any job.  And you have to do it every day.  Think of it as the slickest of slippery slopes, take one step down and it's going to be real hard to climb back up.  Plan on when you're going to put aside time to write every day ahead of time, even if it's only for an hour.  Even if it's only for twenty minutes.  You'll be a handful of words closer to 'The End'.

I personally recommend the task organizer HabitRPG; it's the only one out of dozens that have stuck for me.  Nothing says motivation like your little virtual guy losing health because you decided "Nah, I'll do it tomorrow."

Still, why the hell are you reading this instead of writing?  Don't read another one.  Write.


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