Friday, June 27, 2014

A Word, or Two, on Writing Action Scenes

'Suddenly', 'Apruptly', and all of their fun synonyms don't exist.  They aren't words you're allowed to use.  Don't use them.  Make the sentence itself abrupt.  Active tense.  Things happen.  To say that things suddenly happen only slows down the sentence and ultimately slows down the action.  Use as few words as possible to show the tenseness, the nail-biting sequences.

Don't tell us that it's sudden.  Show it.

(Currently revising Chapter 26 - The First Manifestation and it's lovely action scene.  It's rather a SUDDEN action scene, as I oft repeated before this revision -.-)

Accepting Bitcoin!

Back to trying to keep a blog afloat and bounce ideas off my screen.  Just got done revising Chapter 25 - A Lone Gear and released it.  Bit of a process now, really.  Upload it to Drive.  Create a new page on my site.  Update the previous chapter to link to this chapter.  Now updating my page over at Patreon as well.  (More on that in a future post!)

Had an ear to the ground for cryptocurrency for quite a while now.  If this is your first time hearing this oddly-satisfying word, it's a form of exchange using digital information to securely pay for things.  It's generated by people 'mining', or creating 'coins' with cryptography.  Bitcoin is pretty much the poster-child for cryptocurrency and is being accepted by more and more companies as a form of tender.

What's the advantage?  Security, ease-of-use, and fewer (if any) middle-men.  Purchasing or donating with Bitcoin often doesn't incur any 'fees' (except sometimes a small 'miner fee' depending on your wallet/merchant tools) so more of your tender ends up in the hands of the intended individual/company.

Want to know more?  Check out some of the handy and easy information over at

Thankfully, resources over at /r/Bitcoin on Reddit and coinbase made it easy to set up!  Also helped dissuade any reservations I had about using such an unusual currency.  Look for the 'Donate Bitcoins' in the sidebar over at!