Friday, June 27, 2014

Accepting Bitcoin!

Back to trying to keep a blog afloat and bounce ideas off my screen.  Just got done revising Chapter 25 - A Lone Gear and released it.  Bit of a process now, really.  Upload it to Drive.  Create a new page on my site.  Update the previous chapter to link to this chapter.  Now updating my page over at Patreon as well.  (More on that in a future post!)

Had an ear to the ground for cryptocurrency for quite a while now.  If this is your first time hearing this oddly-satisfying word, it's a form of exchange using digital information to securely pay for things.  It's generated by people 'mining', or creating 'coins' with cryptography.  Bitcoin is pretty much the poster-child for cryptocurrency and is being accepted by more and more companies as a form of tender.

What's the advantage?  Security, ease-of-use, and fewer (if any) middle-men.  Purchasing or donating with Bitcoin often doesn't incur any 'fees' (except sometimes a small 'miner fee' depending on your wallet/merchant tools) so more of your tender ends up in the hands of the intended individual/company.

Want to know more?  Check out some of the handy and easy information over at

Thankfully, resources over at /r/Bitcoin on Reddit and coinbase made it easy to set up!  Also helped dissuade any reservations I had about using such an unusual currency.  Look for the 'Donate Bitcoins' in the sidebar over at!

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